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Sacrament of Reconciliation: By Appointment and every Saturday from 4-5PM when a priest is present



Notice to Parishioners:
We are a Scent Free Church and we ask all parishioners to please come scent free to
our Church. We have a number of parishioners with serious allergies/migraines. Thank you.

September 10th, 2017

From the desk of Fr. Daniel, c.m.m.




Quand Jésus donne à ses apôtres le pouvoir de lier et de délier c’est exactement le mandat de pardonner les péchés qu’il leur confie. Tout comme Jésus lui-même pardonnait les péchés pendant son ministère, il confie cette tâche à ceux qu’il a choisi comme apôtres et à leurs successeurs, les évêques et les prêtres. Nous sommes tous pécheurs. Nous avons tous besoin d’entendre dans l’oreille : « Tes péchés sont pardonnés, relève-toi et vas en paix. » Le pardon de nos péchés est l’expression ultime de la tendresse de Dieu pour nous. C’est pour cela que le Christ a donné sa vie.




When Jesus gives his apostles the power to bind and loose, it is exactly the mandate to forgive the sins that he entrusts to them. Just as Jesus himself forgave sins during his ministry, he entrusts this task to those whom he has chosen as apostles and their successors, bishops and priests. We are all sinners. We all need to hear in the ear: "Your sins are forgiven, get up and go in peace. The forgiveness of our sins is the ultimate expression of God's tenderness for us. That is why Christ gave his life.


Your Offerings on September 3rd, 2017

Was $1,251.35

Thank you for your generosity.


Fr. Daniel in Pond Inlet.  I will go to Pond Inlet this coming Tuesday, Sept 12 and I will be back the next Tuesday, Sept 19th. Of course there will be a communion service this coming Sunday.

Parish Council Meeting. We will have a parish council meeting on Sunday, September 24th after our coffee time. We will need to discuss about the presiders and the homelists for the time I will be in Rome with the pilgrims. We will discuss also about few other small things.

Children’s Library. The library for our kids is now ready. Please Parents or grandparents choose a book to tell bed time stories to your beloved ones according their age, of course. And be ready to answer their questions.

Special Collection.  On Sunday, September 17, 2017, we will take up a second collection for the Red Cross to help the people of the Antillas devastated by hurricane Irma.

Sanctuary Lamp – The sanctuary lamp burns this week for the intentions of Norma Ablay.


 Coffee served in the Erkidjuk Parish Hall following every Sunday mass.  Everyone Welcome!