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Monday       No Mass

Tuesday    7:30 am

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Thursday    7:30 am

Friday         5:30 pm

Saturday  5:30 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation: By Appointment and every Saturday from 4-5PM when a priest is present



Notice to Parishioners:
We are a Scent Free Church and we ask all parishioners to please come scent free to
our Church. We have a number of parishioners with serious allergies/migraines. Thank you.

October 14th, 2018


L’exemple donné par Jésus nous montre bien que les choix à faire pour être vraiment disciple sont loin d’être faciles. Nous sommes tellement habitués à nos zones de conforts et à y rester bien installés. On peut passer toute une vie dans notre zone de confort, sans jamais être dérangé. Nos messes dominicales, toujours à la même heure bien sûr; notre brunch du dimanche; nos habitudes quotidiennes, travail, maison, repas, activités entre amis… Nos convictions religieuses, politiques et sociales. Avec toute cette régularité nous nous sentons en sécurité. Or, pour être disciples, Jésus nous demande de quitter nos zones de confort, nos convictions, notre quotidien. En nous, des montagnes de résistance se soulèvent. C’est comme devoir passer par le trou d’une aiguille. Humainement c’est impossible. Mais pour Dieu tout est possible. Tout ce qu’il nous demande c’est de décider et de persévérer. Lui fera le reste.


The example given by Jesus shows us that the choices to be made to be really disciples are far from easy. We are so used to our comfort zones and stay well established. We can spend a lifetime in our comfort zone, without ever being disturbed. Our Sunday Masses, always at the same time of course; our Sunday brunch; our daily habits, work, home, meals, activities with friends ... Our religious, political and social convictions. With all this regularity we feel safe. However, to be disciples, Jesus asks us to leave our comfort zones, our convictions, our daily life. In us, mountains of resistances rise up. It's like having to go through the eye of a needle. Humanly it's impossible. But for God everything is possible. All he asks of us is to decide and persevere. He will do the rest.


 This coming Sunday, October 21st after our coffee time, we will have a parish council meeting to look and decide our 2019 budget.

Request to keep our Parish Hall Clean.  Since September 10th until December 10th a group will use our Parish Hall during the week days.  It will be very important after our mass coffee time to clean if we make a mess to offer them a clean hall.  Thank you very much for your cooperation in this.

Invitation for Altar Servers.  Are there some youths who would like to be altar servers?  Just give your name and phone number to Melicia.  She will give this coming Saturday, at 2 pm, the training for our future altar servers.  I will have some homemade chocolate cakes too.

I have put of the book shelf in the church main entrance some Way of the Cross leaflets. They have been written in Italian and translated in English and Inuktittut by Fr. Daniel Szwarc o.m.i

Church Open to Adoration.  I would like to remind you that it is always possible to come in our church for prayer and adoration during day time. If it is closed, just ring the door bell and I will open.

Sanctuary Lamp.  The sanctuary lamp burns this week for personal intentions of a parishionner.


Coffee served in the Erkidjuk Parish Hall following every Sunday mass.  Everyone Welcome!