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Our Pastoral Team:

Father Daniel Perreault



Deacon Francois Picotte










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Sunday 10:00 am

Monday       No Mass

Tuesday    7:30 am

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Thursday    7:30 am

Friday         5:30 pm

Saturday  5:30 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation: By Appointment and every Saturday from 4-5PM when a priest is present



Notice to Parishioners:
We are a Scent Free Church and we ask all parishioners to please come scent free to
our Church. We have a number of parishioners with serious allergies/migraines. Thank you.

June 16th, 2019


La Trinité, ce n’est pas une abstraction de théologiens qui veulent tout compliquer. Le Dieu Trinité, c’est une surprise, une dynamique, pas un problème mathématique insoluble... Pour parodier le pape François, nous dirions que Dieu prend plaisir à communiquer. Il aime endosser ses habits de travail comme communicateur. Il aime se faire connaître et répandre son amour. Quand nous y adhérons, notre fierté s’en trouve augmentée à hauteur de Dieu.


The Trinity is not an abstraction of theologians who want to complicate everything. The Trinity God is a surprise, a dynamic, not an insoluble mathematical problem ... To parody Pope Francis, we would say that God takes pleasure in communicating. He likes to wear his work clothes as a communicator. He likes to make himself known and spread his love. When we adhere to it, our pride is increased to the level of God.

cf: Alain Faucher, Montréal


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Fr. Daniel’s Summer Schedule.  I will be absent from June 21st until August 3rd. June 21st to 29th I will be in Winnipeg with all diocesan personnel for meeting with our Bishop Anthony. Then I will do some visits to former parishioners in Toronto, our refugee family that we have supported in Ottawa and of course my monastery in Sherbrooke and one week with my family in Quebec city. 

Sanctuary Lamp. The sanctuary lamp burns this week in Thanksgiving for Mary Ann de Guzman


Fyi. I want to share with you the link of a kid magazine website: Drug facts 4 young people: . Very educational.


Coffee served in the Erkidjuk Parish Hall following every Sunday mass.  Everyone Welcome!