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Monday       No Mass

Tuesday    7:30 am

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Thursday    7:30 am

Friday         5:30 pm

Saturday  5:30 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation: By Appointment and every Saturday from 4-5PM when a priest is present



Notice to Parishioners:
We are a Scent Free Church and we ask all parishioners to please come scent free to
our Church. We have a number of parishioners with serious allergies/migraines. Thank you.

September 16th, 2018


La question de Jésus est provoquante : « Pour vous qui suis-je? » La réponse inspirée de Pierre est peut-être rassurante en apparence mais certainement engageante. Si pour nous Jésus est le Christ, le Messie, alors il nous faut prendre le même chemin que lui, le suivre. Et ce chemin conduit à la Passion. Il n’y a rien de facile dans le fait d’être disciple. Car nous avons un modèle condamné et crucifié. Donner sa vie pour le révéler c’est vraiment notre mission, à tous qui sommes baptisés. Car nous croyons qu’en Jésus la mort n’a pas le dernier mot…


The question of Jesus is provoking.  “For you who am I?”  Peter’s inspired response may be reassuring in appearance but certainly appealing.  If for us Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, then we must make the same path of him, follow him.  And this path leads to the Passion.  There is nothing easy in being a disciple.  Because we have a condemned and crucified model.  To give one’s life to reveal him is really our mission to all who are baptized.  Because we believe that in Jesus death does not have the last word…


Thanks to the Volunteers.  I would like to say a big thank you to those who helped me yesterday to clean the outside windows.  Alone, I would not have been able to do it.

Request to keep our Parish Hall Clean.  Since last Monday until December 10 a group will use our Parish Hall during the week days.  It will be very important after our mass coffee time to clean if we make a mess to offer them a clean hall.  Thank you very much for your cooperation in this.

Invitation for Altar Servers.  Are there some youths who would like to be altar servers?  Just give your name and phone number to Melicia.  She will give this coming Saturday, at 2 pm, the training for our future altar servers.  I will have some homemade chocolate cakes too.

Church Open to Adoration.  I would like to remind you that it is always possible to come in our church for prayer and adoration during day time. If it is closed, just ring the door bell and I will open.

Sanctuary Lamp.  The sanctuary lamp burns this week for personal intentions of Norma Ablay.


Coffee served in the Erkidjuk Parish Hall following every Sunday mass.  Everyone Welcome!