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Our Pastoral Team:

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Sacrament of Reconciliation: By Appointment and every Saturday from 4-5PM when a priest is present



Notice to Parishioners:
We are a Scent Free Church and we ask all parishioners to please come scent free to
our Church. We have a number of parishioners with serious allergies/migraines. Thank you.

October 13th, 2019


Dieu nous aime et il prend soin de nous, souvent sans même que nous nous en apercevions. Cette fin de semaine de l’Action de grâce est pour nous une occasion de remercier pour toutes les fois où nous oublions de remercier. Dieu s’occupe de nous et à tous les instants de notre existence. Il nous aime à l’infini et en même temps il est proche de nous. Nous sommes invités au cours de cette fin de semaine de l’Action de Grâce à chercher dans notre vie ces moments où le Seigneur s’est manifesté d’une manière plus personnelle et plus proche.


God loves us and takes care of us, often without us even noticing it. This Thanksgiving weekend is an opportunity for us to thank for all the times we forget to thank. God takes care of us and at every moment of our existence. He loves us infinitely and at the same time he is close to us. During this Thanksgiving weekend, we are invited to seek in our lives those moments when the Lord has manifested himself in a more personal and close way.


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World Mission Sunday.   As I have already announced, this coming Sunday, October 20th, will be World Mission Sunday. Every year there is a special collection for this occasion. This year, with the permission of our bishop, the collection will be given to help the family entrusted with the transfer to his country of the body of the late Guy Joseph, who died on September 22nd.

St. Andrew School of Evangelization.   This Tuesday, October 15th at 7:00 p.m. will be held the 4th lesson of the St-Andre Evangelization School in conjunction with the Parish Cell of Evangelization

Sanctuary Lamp. The sanctuary lamp burns this week for personal intentions of Fellen and Ariel Atienza.



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Coffee served in the Erkidjuk Parish Hall following every Sunday mass.  Everyone Welcome!